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Breann Chavez (NPC)
02/10/03 ~ 06/08/06

NNPDF Equipment Exchange Program

Do you have equipment needs, or equipment to share?

Equipment Donation/Request Form

As NPD patient and family needs change during a chronic illness, there may be equipment stored in homes that is no longer needed and could be put to use by another family. The NNPDF will assist families who wish to donate this equipment. Our goal is to ensure that all NPD families have access to equipment that they need to assist their loved ones affected by Niemann-Pick Disease.

The foundation will retain and post on the Web site a log that describes the type of available equipment and information about equipment needs.This program is being funded in large part by the Jami and Lisa Chavez family in memory of their daughter, Breann, who passed away from NPD Type C in June 2006, at the age of 3 years. Their annual "Ducks for Bucks" event generates the funds to assist in offsetting the cost of shipping equipment from home to home.

Here’s how the program works:

Anyone who has equipment to donate to the program, or who has a need for equipment, should complete and submit the Equipment Donation/Request Form.

Due to the cost of shipping, participation in this Equipment Exchange program is limited to residents of North America. Families with a member affected by Niemann-Pick Disease who live outside North America may contact us and we may be able to make referrals to other sources for equipment needs.

For equipment to be donated, fill out the Equipment Donation/Request Form form and fax or email it to the NNPDF office. Be sure to provide model numbers, a Web link to the product (photo and description) if possible, and any relevant measurements or details so that families will know specifically what is available, and for what size of child/adult it is appropriate. Include a digital photograph of the equipment if you can. Also, provide information on the condition of the item – use terms such as “new", “like new", “gently used", “used", “well-used". Please do not offer items that are heavily soiled or are very worn. Be sure to provide full contact information so that an NNPDF staff member can contact you if there is question about, or a request for your item. The item will be posted on this page. Posting time will not be limited. Your contact and other information WILL NOT be posted on the NNPDF web site.

Families who have equipment needs should complete the Equipment Donation/Request Form and fax or email it to the NNPDF office. Please be as specific as possible when describing equipment needs.

The NNPDF will facilitate communication among families donating equipment and families needing equipment when necessary. We are partnering with local and national distribution services to assist with shipping equipment to and from families at little or no cost. Call the NNPDF Central Office at 1-877-287-3672 or send an e-mail to if you have questions about the program or need assistance with donating and/or requesting equipment. Completed forms may be faxed to the NNPDF Office at: 920-563-0931.

Equipment Offered - Looking for a New Home

Rifton Pacer 503
Condition: Used - Like New


Designed for a wide range of clients with varying abilities, Rifton Pacer gait trainers are renowned for their modular design, durability, and flexibility. When appropriately supported and positioned in a Pacer, thousands of people of all ages have enjoyed independence and improved strength and confidence.

This item is a large model (31-46") and has a weight limit of 200 lbs. Click here for additional product information

Rifton Pacer 502
Condition: Used


Designed for a wide range of clients with varying abilities, Rifton Pacer gait trainers are renowned for their modular design, durability, and flexibility. When appropriately supported and positioned in a Pacer, thousands of people of all ages have enjoyed independence and improved strength and confidence.

This item is a medium model (24-34") and has a weight limit of 150 lbs. Click here for additional product information.

Snug Seat Crocodile Gait Trainer Size 2
Condition: Used - Like New


For children ages 8 to 14 years old, the Crocodile gait trainer size 2 is expertly designed with an easy-to-fold, lightweight frame that is durable and rugged, yet sleek and attractive. The Crocodile gait trainer is a highly versatile piece of adaptive equipment that may be a perfect solution for schools or therapy clinics that need a device they can use for children with varying levels of walking abilities.

This gait trainer will support up to 99 lbs. (45 kg); Maximum target height is 59" (150 cm). Click here for additional product information.


Equipment Successfully Exchanged

Successful Exchange! Rifton Blue Wave Toileting System
Condition: Used


Rifton's Toileting System is practical, versatile and comfortable, in addition to being easy to clean. As your child learns and grows you can adjust the height of the pediatric commode chair, change to a larger seat or remove supports no longer needed. There are four basic ways to use this system:

  • As a freestanding commode chair
  • Over the toilet
  • On the toilet
  • As a shower chair

This item is a large model (48'-72') and has a weight limit of 250 lbs. It comes with anterior support, adductor, pan, footboard with straps, deflector with seatcover and chest straps.

Successful Exchange ~ Drive Tri-Fold Bedside Fall Matt ~ Medium
Condition: Like New


For individuals who are unsteady on their feet, getting in and out of bed can be a constant problem, carrying the fear of falling. Drive's tri-fold bedside fall mat is constructed of high-density foam to cushion falls, reducing the risk of fall-related injuries. Its non-skid bottom keeps the mat from slipping. The large-surface (72" x 30" x 2") mat is covered in durable, easy-clean vinyl and folds compactly into three sections when not in use.

Successful Exchange ~ Entrolite Infinity Enternal Feeding Pump w/ bag
Condition: Used


The EnteraLite Infinity enteral feeding pump allows both pediatric and adult tube fed patients the ability to maintain a normal lifestyle, resulting in increased compliance with prescribed feeding regimens.

Accurate: Maintains +/- 5% accuracy at any flow rate and when operated in any orientation, allowing patients to comply exactly with prescribed feeding regimens.

Portable: Weighing less than 1 pound, the pump is easily carried in a custom-designed carry pack for extended use, resulting in fewer limitations to a patient's normal lifestyle and increased feeding schedule compliance.

Rugged: Designed to perform consistently well under a wide variety of conditions. Does not require any regularly scheduled maintenance and can be cleaned by simply rinsing under running water.

Easy to Use: Extremely easy to operate and program, allowing the caregiver the ability to focus on other areas of care.

Full-feature set available only with the EnteraLite Infinity:

  • Operates in any orientation
  • Bolus, continuous, and intermittent feeding programs
  • Selectable flow rates from 0.1 ml/hr to 600 ml/hr
  • 24-hour battery
  • +/- 5% accuracy

Successful Exchange ~ Enteral Feeding and Irrigation Syringes
Condition: Unopened


  • 60 cc irrigation or feeding syringe
  • Elongated tip to better facilitate tube feeding and water flushes
  • Designed to minimize hand slippage and prevent contamination
  • Luer tip adapter and flat top with thumbring included

Successful Exchange!
Specialized Seizure Bed
Condition: Used


The NNPDF is pleased to share information about a wonderful program, NNPDF Equipment Exchange Program, which offers assistance to our family members who are in need of specialized medical/care equipment to care for their loved one(s) affected by Niemann-Pick Disease or for those families who wish to share equipment that they no longer have a use for.

Recently, the NNPDF Central Office Staff assisted with the exchange and transportation associated with moving of a specialized seizure bed from the Tracy and Derrick Lindsey NPC Family residing in Arlington, Texas to another NPC family living in St. Paul, Minnesota!  Tracy and Derrick had generously offered this piece of equipment in memory of their beautiful little ray of sunshine, Tristan, who passed away earlier this year from NPC at the tender age of 12 years. This large task was completed with assistance from W & A Distribution Services of Fort Atkinson.  Lisa Smithback of W & A, was able to arrange for an over-the-road semi-truck to pick the bed up in Texas and transport it to Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin ~ the home offices of the NNPDF.  Another semi was able to get the bed from Fort Atkinson to its new home in Minnesota.   The support of W & A transportation was offered in memory of Stacey Vorpahl (NPC) whose parents, Barb and Gary Vorphal, were founding members of the NNPDF and reside in the city of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  The NNPDF, as well as both families involved, cannot thank W & A enough for their kind assistance and generosity in helping us to see this project through.

The specialized seizure bed was delivered and set up for Mason (NPC) to be able to use from now on!  His parents are so happy to be able to have a safe place for Mason to sleep, have buddy time with his younger brothers and to be able to rest with a bit more peace of mind!

Successful Exchange!
Adult Hammock Chair
Condition: Lightly Used


One of our families has generously donated the above pictured hammock chair.  The base of the A-frame is 34" wide by 41" deep.  It is 6.7" in height and can hold upto 200 lbs.

Successful Exchange!
Invacare Solara 3G Tilt-in-Space Tall Frame Wheelchair ~ Tall Frame
Condition: Used


The Invacare® Solara® 3G Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair offers more adjustability and is easier to tilt as compared to the previous generation Solara wheelchair. With a 300 lb. standard weight capacity, tilt assist adjustment and a seat pan that grows, the Solara 3G wheelchair offers everything you need.

  • The unique Tilt Assist feature makes tilting easier by reducing the effort required to tilt an occupied wheelchair With three settings, front, middle and rear, the simple Tilt Assist adjustments help to correct for uneven weight distribution
  • The innovative Low Shear Recline minimizes shearing forces and prevents displacement of positioning tools such as laterals and headrest. Used in combination with tilt, recline can offer additional functional and clinical benefits to users and caregivers
  • Foot-Operated Wheel Lock easily locks both rear wheels by pressing 1 of the 2 levers of the wheel lock 20" and 24" back canes include a 10° bend option accommodating after-market back hardware while the back angle adjustment location better fits after-market seating systems. In addition, adjustable height back canes can be ordered with or without adjustable angle stroller handles
  • The DeGage Dynamic Rocker Back accommodates those with involuntary thrusts by helping to reduce pain or discomfort for the user. See for complete details

The measurements are 13' wide & 24' tall for the back and the seat is 15" 1/2 wide & 19' tall.  The chair comes with tray, gel foam padded armrests, harness, lap rod (not a belt), head rest, biaterial chest and hip pads. 

Successful Exchange!
Gymnic Movin' Sit Wedge Seat Cushion
Condition: Used


The Gymnic Movin' Sit Wedge Cushion is an inflatable air seat that allows the body to engage in dynamic movement while sitting. The dynamic movement activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine and allows for subtle movement to keep body in a slight constant motion. 

Size: Approximately 13" x 13" 

The wedge shape encourages a good posture by placing the pelvis in a forward position. Another great thing about the Movin Sit by GYmnic is that it encourages static anatomical seating while mimicking the dynamic seating motion of a therapy ball. 

Great for people with poor posture and those who have trouble sitting still. In particular, people with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, and/or Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Inflation level can be adjusted to fit your comfort level. The Movin Sit is the perfect size for teens and adults. 
Weight Limit: Approximately 200lbs 

Successful Exchange!
Dynavox Maestro Communication Aid
Condition: Used


Maestro is setting a whole new standard in the Alternative and Augmentative Communication industry! Its support for advanced multimedia communication tools gives users the power, flexibility and freedom to use the tools that best fit their personality. Maestro also is built tough to work in rough environments and, at the same time, boasts a sleek and stylish design that makes users feel proud about owning and using it! Maestro – a perfect communication solution that provides ultimate personal satisfaction!

The functional framework of the Maestro and comprehensive features make them the solution for individuals of all ages and abilities who wish to:

Successful Exchange!
Scott Specialties Gait Belt
Condition: Like New

Scott Specialties Gait Support Belts help decrease the back strain of a caregiver while increasing comfort for the patient during patient transfers. The one pictured measures 36' and is like new. 

Successful Exchange!
Danmar Hensinger Head Support ~ Medium
Condition: Like New


Danmar Hensinger head support helps in maintaining mid-line position of the head. Hensinger features a soft foam wrap around the collar to support the head by using base support areas at the occiput and jaw line. Hensinger head support must be used in conjunction with a chest support. This head support promotes proper head positioning resulting in improved breathing, swallowing and simplified feeding. Hensinger enhances more social interaction and awareness during classroom activities. Vinyl covered foam is Casa Tan.

  • Includes soft cover
  • Quick release buckle allows easy on/off
  • Made of strong yet pliable reinforcement material around the outside of the support

Successful Exchange!
Medline Quick Alert Pressure-Sensing Safety Alarm + Bed Mat
Condition: Unopened ~ Like New


This safety alarm features five options for delayed alarm settings that help limit false alarms and are ideal for wheelchair monitoring. It has five levels of volume adjustment, protective silicone cover to reduce breakage, adjustable strap for use with beds or chairs, and a power indicator light and low battery indicator light. An alarm sounds when a person tries to get out of a wheelchair or bed.


Successful Exchange -- Gait Trainer!

Thanks to the generosity of an NNPDF family, and the help of a second NNPDF family to coordinate the logistics, the gait trainer below is once again being put to good use by little Chase DiGiovanni (NPC).

Chase DiGiovanni getting around in his new gait trainer, thanks to the generosity of another NNPDF family!

Many thanks to Ducks for Bucks for helping to make the Equipment Exchange program possible!

Successful Exchange!
Car Seat for Older Child


One of our families has graciously donated this car seat to the NNPDF equipment exchange program. It is designed for  a older child, is only a year old, and in very good condition. The back is 24 inches across and 28 inches in length. The seat is 24 inches across and 18 inches in length.

If you are in need of a car seat for an older child, please contact the NNPDF Central Office at The equipment exchange program has been established to assist families who have a child diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Disease. Due to costs, shipping is limited to standard ground service, only to locations in North America.

[Dec 5, 2011 mem]

Successful Exchange!
Infant Car Bed

We have available an infant car bed, suitable for use with infants from 5 - 20 lbs, and up to 26 inches long. The Cosco Dream Ride SE is a fully reclining infant "car bed" that is side facing only. The Cosco Dream Ride SE Infant Car Bed is recognized by pediatricians for transporting premature and low birth weight infants. For a detailed description of the Dream Ride SE, visit Dream Ride Infant Car Bed .

If you are in need of an infant car bed, please contact the NNPDF Central Office at The equipment exchange program has been established to assist families who have a child diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Disease. Due to costs, shipping is limited to standard ground service, only to locations in North America.

[April 28, 2009 mem]

Successful Exchange!
Modified Wheelchair

This chair is in very good condition and can be adjusted according to the child's needs.Some modifications were made to the back to suit the needs of the previous user's spine.The chair also has a tray and another head rest. The foot rests can be raised to fit a smaller child. The chair can tilt to approximately a 45 degree angle.


Please contact the NNPDF Central Office at if you are interested in this chair. This equipment exchange program has been established to assist families who have a child diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Disease. Due to costs, shipping is limited to standard ground service, only to locations in North America.

[Feb 24, 2009 mem]

Equipment Matched!! Thank you!!

We have matched the donation of a double stroller with a family in need of one. Thank you!

[March 3, 2009 mem]

We were able to match the donation of a car bed with another NPD family. Thank you for your kind donation and support of this program.

[Feb 26, 2009 nmh]


We were able to match the donation of this portable umbrella stroller with one of our member families. Thank you for your kind donation and support of this program.

[Feb 26, 2009 nmh]

Resources for Adaptive Appliances

"Pinterest board" -- visit this page on the Laffoon family's blog for lots of great ideas and products to help keep kids with reduced mobility, low muscle tone, or other special needs comfy and stimulated. 

The following is a list of online resources for various adaptive appliances. Appearance on this list does not indicate endorsement by the NNPDF. Many additional such companies are available by searching online using the keywords indicated.

Accessible vans

Airway Clearance Vests


Standing equipment


Incontinence Supplies

[Aug 17th, 2014 ~ blg]

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