Good Search


We search online every single day without a second thought, but what if we told you that each one of your searches could produce funds to benefit the NNPDF?

Affiliated with Goodshop, is Goodsearch, an online search engine that sends $.01 to the NNPDF for every linked search you utilize! The site is powered by Yahoo, so you'll get the same quality search results that you're used to. What's unique is that has developed a way to direct money to NNPDF with every click.  The more people use GoodSearch, the greater the contribution to NNPDF.  So spread the word to your friends and family.

It's simple:

  • Register and choose the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation as your supported foundation.
  • Once signed in, start using their search engine every day as you normally would any search engine.  Make your home page if it helps remind you!
  • For every search you click a link from the results page, Goodsearch gives $.01 to the foundation, which adds up fast!
  • It even keeps track so you can see how much YOU have earned on our behalf!

It's something so simple that can mean the world to our Familes.  Will you help us Search for a Cure?